Saturday, October 6, 2012

Microsoft Web Matrix Rocks

It sounds like a commercial, doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  If you haven't gotten it, go get it.

I attended a Visual Studio 2012 training session at Head Spring's headquarter about a week ago and Jeffery Palermo (Author of MVC in Action) demoed features of Web Matrix 2.  I never had the need for it since I lived in Visual Studio, until recently when a good friend asked me to help her with a site purely build out of static html pages.  So I decided to give Web Matrix a try since I just learned about it.

It is awesome!

  • You can run a site from any folder
    • I got a copy of my friend's html site in a folder and committed a repo to track changes.  I was able to load the folder as a site in Web Matrix without doing any IIS configuration stuff.
  • When editing the pages, html, js, css, there is intellisence to help you and it makes page editing a breeze.
  • And it's absolutely free.
 There are many more features that you can explore once you get it.  Some of them are the ability to connect to a remote site and publish to it.  It allows you build PHP and node.js apps too.

But the above highlighted features are the that I'd use most frequently.

Thanks Microsoft!

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